These events transform values using math functions.

Sometimes we want to transform a value before passing it along to other events. We can do this by using a transform function. Transforms come in two types: math functions and conversions.

Math Functions

Transforms for using math functions follow the form:


This will take an inbound numeric value of 1.1 and transform it into 2.0.

SEL supports the following math functions: ceil, floor, abs, log, sqrt, round.


See an example of Transforms in practice:

Capacity-driven Hiring Plan


Transforms can also be used to convert between common units, like liters, gallons, miles, inches, yards, pints, etc. For example:

=T('liters', 'gallons')

=T('inches', 'meters')

The convention being 'from', 'to'.

A full list of all available units is beyond the scope of this guide, may be found here.