These event types allow you to test values along your chain of events.

Events send numeric values. Sometimes you want to test these values before proceeding with some additional logic. To do so, you can use conditionals.


The if conditional takes the form:

=If('=', 0)

This will test if the value being sent to this event is equal to zero. If so, the value received will be passed along unaltered to any events downstream from the If.

The first argument is an operator which can be one of: =, <, <=, >, >=. You may also use string representations: eq, lt, lte, gt, gte.


Once is a special type of If that will only occur once. You can use this when you want the first and only the first instance of truth to trigger downstream events. Once takes the form:

=Once('>', 100k)

This will test if the value received by the event is greater than 100,000. If so, the value will be passed downstream. Any future occurrences of this event will terminate as false, regardless of the value passed in.

The operator arguments for Once are the same as If.