Get ready to learn how to build models that can be deployed as API's and used anywhere.


This isn't a book (yet), but if it were, it'd look something like this.


The following pages will guide you through the technical aspects of building with Summit Event Language, or SEL. The interpreter that runs SEL is hosted at usesummit.com. SEL can be written using either the canvas on Summit's platform, or using a text editor.

Though we're happy to welcome you to this technical guide, we encourage everyone to start with our "Hello, World!" Tutorial to get the fastest orientation and a small taste of value before attempting to learn the library of functions and features SEL has to offer.

This guide is broken down into tutorials, and then sections that summarize event types, the shapes and functions you'll use to build your models. If you're just looking for something to keep open while you build, you may find our Quick Reference handy.

For additional help, or help while in the modeling environment itself, click 'Help' in the top navigation bar. We're always happy to chat!


ChatGPT Instruction

We have a GPT assistant built for teaching both data scripting with SEL and simulations. If you'd like to have a conversation with an LLM about SEL to learn, get examples, and more:

What’s Next

Let's dive in, shall we?